What Family Law Attorneys Do?

At Whitney Whitney Baldridge Atkinson, we know family matters can be tough and full of feelings. That’s why our friendly and smart lawyers are here to help you through it all. We make sure your rights are looked after and that people hear what you have to say.

How Family Law Attorneys Help You?

Our family law attorneys are more than just lawyers. They’re like trusted friends who are there for you in hard times. They work with things like marriage agreements, helping with divorces, and sorting out issues about kids and money after a breakup.

Working on Marriage Agreements

Getting married or already married and need an agreement? We can help with that. These agreements are important to protect what you own and how you feel. Our team knows how to make these agreements right for each couple, keeping in mind what’s special about your relationship.

Helping Through Divorces

Divorce is hard. It’s full of emotions and legal stuff that can be confusing. Our lawyers are good at helping in a kind and strong way. They make sure things are split fairly and help everyone get along better. We want to help make a future that’s good for everyone involved.

Kids and Money: Finding the Right Balance

When parents split up, deciding about kids and money can be sensitive. Our lawyers are great at working for what’s best for the kids, making sure they are happy and have what they need. When it comes to money for the kids, we figure out a fair plan that works in the long run.

Sorting Out Property and Alimony

After a divorce, deciding who gets what and alimony (money one partner might pay the other) is a big deal. Our team has lots of experience in sorting this out. We make sure things are split up fairly and the alimony is fair, thinking about how it affects everyone now and in the future.

Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

If you’re in a scary situation at home, we’re here to help. Our lawyers don’t just give legal advice; they offer a safe place. We work hard to protect you and fight for your safety and rights.

Adoption and Legal Guardianship

Thinking about adopting or becoming a legal guardian? We can help with that too. It’s a big step but a happy one. We take care of the legal stuff, ensure everything goes smoothly, and always think about what’s best for the kids.

The Difference Family Law Attorneys Make

Our family law attorneys do a lot to help shape your life for the better. At Whitney Whitney Baldridge Atkinson, we understand how much our work means to you. We’re not just about legal answers; we’re about giving you comfort and understanding. If you’re facing anything to do with family law, give us a call at 928-753-5295. Our caring and skilled team is ready to help with all your legal needs.